Fano Framework

Web application framework for modern Pascal programming language. MIT License Latest Release


Some of available features are:


Dispatcher will match route and call appropriate controller to handle request which returns response.


Middleware system. Many parts of Fano Framework are implemented as middleware, from cross site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross origin resource sharing (CORS), input validation, HTTP authentication to rate limiting

Dependency Container

Dependency container that manages application dependencies.


Model View Controller paradigm for better code organization. In addition, Fano CLI helps developer scaffolding MVC web application faster.

Minimal external dependencies

Fano Framework requires minimal external libraries to work. By default, it requires only Free Pascal >= 3.0 compiler and its run-time libraries. To use, add fano unit into your application.


Fano Framework aims to be extensible. From form validation to session to logging, you can always replace any software components with your own implementation if required.

Multiple Deployment Target

Fano Framework supports multiple deployment targets. You can run as CGI, FastCGI, SCGI or uwsgi web application with Apache or nginx web server or as standalone HTTP web application. You can also deploy with Docker container. It supports IPv6 address too. Currently, it supports Linux and FreeBSD only. Support for Windows is planned, but for now, you need to use Docker to deploy on Windows.

Open source

Fano Framework uses MIT license. You are free to do anything with it. We do love contributions from anyone. Feedbacks, bug reports, pull requests are welcome. You can even edit this page.