Example Applications

Below is list of example applications you can use to get started. They are generated with Fano CLI, command line tools to help scaffolding web application with Fano Framework.

Hello World applications

List of getting started web application for various supported protocol, i.e CGI, FastCGI, SCGI, uwsgi and http.

MIME types web application

Following example applications show how to work with response other than HTML page, such as image, PDF and JSON data.

MVC web application

Fano Mvc demonstrate how to separate logic of application using Model, View, Controller. It also demonstrates how to use HTML view template to compose application UI layout.

File upload

Handling upload example shows how to handle file upload in Fano Framework. For file upload validation example, read Form Validation section below.


Following example applications show how to work with SQL and NoSQL databases by modelling data as model.


Example web application using middleware demonstrates how to use middleware to protect one or more application routes.

Working with Session

Following example applications demonstrate how to use session with Fano Framework to allow user to login and logout web application.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) example demonstrates how to add CORS headers to web application.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection example demonstrate how to protect application from CSRF attack.

Form validation

HTTP Verb tunneling examples

HTTP verb tunnelling example application demonstrate how to use HTTP verb tunneling when application behind strict firewall policy.

HTTP Authentication examples

Handling request with JSON body

Fano Json Request demonstrates how to handle request with JSON body.

HTTP cache header examples

Fano Cache Control demonstrates how to add HTTP cache header.

Send email examples

Fano Email demonstrates how to send email while Fano mail logger demonstrates writing log to email address.

Password hash examples

Fano Password example demonstrates how to verify plain password against password hash. It is similar to session-related examples above but it compares password using password hash verification.

User-agent examples

Fano User-Agent demonstrates how to work with user-agent to identify client browser, device type or operating system.

IPv6 address examples

Fano Ipv6 and Fano MhdIpv6 example applications demonstrate how to use IPv6 address.


Fano mail logger demonstrates writing log to email address. While Fano Db logger example web application demonstrates how to log messages to MySQL database. These examples demonstrate logging functionality in Fano Framework.


Rate-limiting demo application demonstrates how to limit number of request a client can make. View video tutorial. Rate-limiting with MySQL demo application is similar except that it stores request states in MySQL database instead of memory.

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